Tennyson Pediatric Dentistry


Lauren Peterson

“I can’t say enough about the wonderful experience my almost-two-year-old daughter had with Dr. Snavely. My little girl had to get a tooth taken out due to a large fracture. Dr. Snavely walked me through all the options for the tooth and got that thing out in less than a minute! My daughter did not seem fazed at all after the procedure and even waved “bye-bye dentist” on our way out. I’m a general dentist but will definitely leave the care of my little ones in the hands of these kind and efficient professionals!” – from Google

Melaena Zales

“Aliah hates needles…sat down silly glasses donned, bibs on,chair reclines her grip tightens, bubble gum ok? yeah.open wide. Movie? Incredibles 2, ok, open wide again..needle shwoops in ..poke here poke there…started drilling ..tooth filled. ALL DONE you did good! She says Oh you forgot to give me a shot!🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠Five shooting stars” – from Facebook

Chris Radcliff

“Dr. Kelsey and Dr. Tim are fantastic. They take time to explain treatment options, leaving the parent informed to make the best decision possible. I can’t say enough good things about Tennyson Pediatric Dentistry.” – from Google

Emily Kamala

“We’ve worked with both Dr. Kelsey and Dr. Tim. Regarding my own kids, I’ve been incredibly happy with the manners of all of the staff. They’ve been highly supportive and generous with their time in answering questions and explaining options. My kids have done great there and are not afraid of the dentist. From a business-to-business standpoint, I refer a large number of newborns here for tongue and lip tie evaluations. Dr. Kelsey is conservative in her approach and is very honest with parents about what she sees. I’ve had very positive feedback from clients who have seen her as well. I highly recommend and am grateful to have her to refer to.”

P. Haar

“Dr Kelsey took the time to carefully explain the implications of a minor procedure was able to perform the procedure right after the initial consultation. She is efficient, professional, and really cares about her young patients. Was immensely pleased with the entire experience from start to finish and look forward to seeing her for ongoing care. Professional and friendly reception as well.” – from Google

Liliya Bergen

“By far my favorite pediatric dentistry. The dental assistants walk children through every step of their visit making it a fun and enjoyable one every time. My kids actually like going to the dentist! The office is modern, extremely clean, and decorated with children in mind. Dr. Tim is extremely personable and knowledgeable. My 3 year old had to have some pretty extensive dental work at Children’s, and we came to Tennyson seeking a second opinion. Dr. Tim never pressured us to do anything but laid out our choices, let us “wait and see” for as long as possible, and ultimately performed my child’s dental work at Children’s when waiting was no longer an option. The surgery was relatively quick, no complications, and we are overall extremely pleased with everyone at Tennyson Pediatric Dentistry. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone!” – from Google

Dariane Prigmore

“We’ve had awesome experiences at every visit over the past 5 years with 4 kids. We live in south Lakewood & are more than happy to make the trek to these amazing people!” – from Facebook

Ellé Williams

My daughter needed some serious dental work before her 3rd birthday. She had to be put under at children’s hospital for her dental work but it went very well and over a year later no issues. Very kind gentle hearted staff. Listened to all my concerns and questions. Even went out of the way to clip my daughter tongue for better speech. (She was tongue tied since birth) her follow up appointment went great! The staff here is just amazing! – from Facebook

Gianna Gonzales

“Can’t be more happy with our choice. it was such a great experience for my daughter’s 1st time. special thank you to Chelsea and the rest of the staff.” – from Facebook